Tuesday 10/20/2020 11pm ET: Feature LP: Sade – Love Deluxe (1992)

Love Deluxe is the fourth studio album by English band Sade. It was released in the United States on October 26, 1992 and in the United Kingdom on November 1, 1992 by Epic Records.

Following the release of Love Deluxe, the band had a seven-year hiatus, during which Sade Adu came under media scrutiny with rumours of depression and addiction and later gave birth to her first child. During this time, the other members of the band, Matthewman, Denman, and Hale, went on to other projects, including Sweetback, which released a self-titled album in 1996. Matthewman also played a major role in the development of Maxwell’s career, providing instrumentation and production work for the R&B singer’s first two albums.

1. “No Ordinary Love” 7:20
2. “Feel No Pain” 5:08
3. “I Couldn’t Love You More” 3:49
4. “Like a Tattoo” 3:38
5. “Kiss of Life” 5:50
6. “Cherish the Day” 5:34
7. “Pearls” 4:34
8. “Bullet Proof Soul” 5:26
9. “Mermaid” 4:23

Paul S. Denman – bass
Sade Adu – vocals
Andrew Hale – keyboards
Stuart Matthewman – guitars, saxophone
Sade – arrangements

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