Monday 7/27/2020 12am ET: Feature LP: Glenn Frey – The Allnighters (1984)

The Allnighter is the second solo studio album by Glenn Frey, the guitarist and co-lead vocalist for the Eagles. The album was released in mid 1984 on MCA in the United States and the United Kingdom, two years after Frey’s modestly successful debut album, No Fun Aloud and four years after the demise of the Eagles. It was and still is Frey’s most successful solo album throughout his whole solo career, having reached #22 on the Billboard charts, and releasing two Top 20 singles with “Smuggler’s Blues” and “Sexy Girl”. The album achieved Gold status by the RIAA in the US. It is generally regarded as the culmination of the smoother, more adult-oriented sound of Frey’s solo work.

The single “Smuggler’s Blues” helped to inspire the Miami Vice episode of the same name, and Frey was invited to star in that episode, which was Frey’s acting debut. The music video for the single also won Frey an MTV Video Music Award in 1985.

1. “The Allnighter” 4:22
2. “Sexy Girl” 3:30
3. “I Got Love” 3:49
4. “Somebody Else” 6:00
5. “Lover’s Moon” 4:10
6. “Smuggler’s Blues” 4:20
7. “Let’s Go Home” 5:01
8. “Better in the U.S.A.” 3:00
9. “Living in Darkness” 4:35
10. “New Love” 4:25

“The Heat Is On” 3:45
“The Heat Is On” 6:45