Thursday7/16/2020 12am ET: Feature LP: Donald Fagen – Kamakiriad (1993)

Kamakiriad is the second solo album by Steely Dan artist Donald Fagen, released in 1993. It was his first collaboration since 1980 with Steely Dan partner Walter Becker, who produced the album. The album is a futuristic, optimistic eight-song cycle about the journey of the narrator in his high-tech car, the Kamakiri (Japanese for praying mantis). It was nominated for a Grammy Award for Album of the Year 1994.

Music videos were produced for “Tomorrow’s Girls” (starring Rick Moranis) and “Snowbound” (using stop motion animation).

Fagen and Becker embarked on their first tour as Steely Dan since 1974 to support the album.

“Trans-Island Skyway” – 6:30
“Countermoon” – 5:05
“Springtime” – 5:06
“Snowbound” – 7:08
“Tomorrow’s Girls” – 6:17
“Florida Room” – 6:02
“On the Dunes” – 8:07
“Teahouse on the Tracks” – 6:09

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