Tuesday 5/19/20 12am ET: Feature LP: Ace of Base – Hidden Gems (2015)

Hidden Gems is a 2015 compilation album by the Swedish pop group Ace of Base. It was released worldwide by Playground Music on March 6, 2015.

The album consists of previously unreleased material and b-sides recorded by the original lineup between 1991 through 2006. The majority of the songs were previously released through the band’s Facebook page during Ace Thursdays, though some of the tracks on the compilation feature updated production. Five of the included songs were previously released years prior as b-sides and bonus tracks.

“No Good Lover,” included on this compilation, was originally meant to be a single from Flowers, but later did not make the cut for the album. A previously unreleased version of “Hey Darling,” a track which first appeared on Da Capo, is included on Hidden Gems as an iTunes bonus track. “Sunset in Southern California” was re-worked and later released on The Golden Ratio in 2010 as “Southern California.” A demo version of “Giving It Up” is featured as a bonus track on the 2015 remastered release of Happy Nation U.S. Version.

Feature LP is a listener program. All LP’s played here are suggested through email at FeatureLP@radiomaxmusic.com.

1. “Would You Believe” 2:50
2. “Go Go Go” 3:29
3. “Into the Night of Blue” 4:13
4. “Don’t Stop” 2:49
5. “Make My Day” 2:55
6. “Mercy Mercy” 3:37
7. “No Good Lover” 3:35
8. “Summer Days” 3:46
9. “Giving It Up 2:46
10. “Come to Me (Ace version)” 3:54
11. “Prime Time” 3:14
12. “Look Around Me” 3:16
13. “Pole Position” 3:23
14. “Sunset in Southern California” 3:12
15. “Moment of Magic” 2:29

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