Wednesday 10pm ET: Feature Artist – Dickie Goodman

Richard Dorian Goodman (April 19, 1934 – November 6, 1989), known as Dickie Goodman, was an American music and record producer born in Brooklyn, New York. He is best known for inventing and using the technique of the “break-in”, an early precursor to sampling, that used brief clips of popular records and songs to “answer” “comedic” questions posed by voice actors on his novelty records. He also wrote and produced some original material, most often heard on the B-sides of his break-in records.

Goodman died in North Carolina in 1989 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He is survived by his two sons, Jon and Jed, and his daughter Janie. In 2000, Jon released The King of Novelty, a biography of Dickie’s life and work, along with autobiographical material. The book, which also contains the most comprehensive chronology of Dickie Goodman’s records, including CD re-releases, is still available and in print. Jon is in charge of his father’s estate.

In July 2018, Jon Goodman placed his father’s songwriting royalties up for sale on Royalty Exchange, eventually selling the rights to the library for $13,000. Goodman was reluctant to give up his rights but did so in hopes that the buyer would have more connections to be able to popularize the records in the Goodman library through film and television appearances.