Friday 12am ET: Feature LP: Elton John – Jump Up (1982)

Jump Up! is the sixteenth studio album release by Elton John. It was released April 9, 1982 by The Rocket Record Company except in the US and Canada, where it was released by Geffen Records.

The album includes “Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny)”, a tribute to John Lennon (who had also signed to Geffen for the release of Double Fantasy, which is now owned by EMI). This is one of the first few LPs that showcases John singing in a deeper voice, as can be heard in songs such as “Blue Eyes”, “Princess”, “Ball and Chain” and “Spiteful Child”. “Legal Boys” was written by John and Tim Rice, who later wrote lyrics for The Lion King and The Road to El Dorado. This is the last studio album in which James Newton-Howard played keyboards (he played keyboards again on the soundtrack of Gnomeo & Juliet less than 30 years later).

1. “Dear John” 3:28
2. “Spiteful Child” 4:11
3. “Ball and Chain” 3:27
4. “Legal Boys” 3:08
5. “I Am Your Robot” 4:42
6. “Blue Eyes” 3:25
7. “Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny)” 5:05
8. “Princess” 4:55
9. “Where Have All the Good Times Gone?” 3:58
10. “All Quiet on the Western Front” 6:00