Saturday 12am ET: Feature LP: Pat Benatar – Ultimate Collection (2008)

Ultimate Collection is a compilation album by rock singer Pat Benatar, released in 2008. The two-disc and digital collection features 40 classic and signature songs, including 20 top 40 chart hits.

“I Need a Lover”
“In the Heat of the Night”
“We Live for Love”
“Treat Me Right”
“You Better Run”
“Never Wanna Leave You”
“Hit Me with Your Best Shot”
“Hell Is for Children”
“Promises in the Dark”
“Fire and Ice”
“Just Like Me”
“It’s a Tuff Life”
“Precious Time”
“Shadows of the Night”
“Looking for a Stranger”
“Anxiety (Get Nervous)”
“Little Too Late”
“The Victim”
“Lipstick Lies”
“Love Is a Battlefield”
“Diamond Field”
“We Belong”
“Ooh Ooh Song”
“The Outlaw Blues”
“Painted Desert”
“Invincible” (Theme from The Legend of Billie Jean)
“Sex as a Weapon”
“Le Bel Age”
“All Fired Up”
“Don’t Walk Away”
“One Love (Song of the Lion)”
“Let’s Stay Together”
“Payin’ the Cost to Be the Boss”)
“True Love”
“I Feel Lucky”
“The Good Life”
“Everybody Lay Down”
“Somebody’s Baby”
“Every Time I Fall Back” (from the TV series The Young and the Restless)

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