Thursday 12am ET: Feature LP: Chicago – Group Portrait (1991)

Group Portrait is a compilation album by the American band Chicago, released in 1991 by Columbia Records and Legacy Recordings originally, later reissued on the band’s Chicago Records label. It includes hits and album cuts from the band’s first fourteen albums along with rare tracks.

Group Portrait bears notable differences from most of the band’s other official compilation and live albums including the following: it is not assigned a number in the album title number sequence; its cover art depicts people instead of just a logo art concept; and it includes commentary from band members James Pankow, Robert Lamm, former members Peter Cetera, Walt Parazaider and producer James William Guercio. Unlike the 2003 anthology The Box released later, this collection only covers their tenure with Columbia Records, and does not include Warner Bros. material.

“Introduction” 6:35 Chicago Transit Authority (1969)
“Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?” 4:35 Chicago Transit Authority
“Beginnings” 7:55 Chicago Transit Authority
“Questions 67 & 68” 5:03 Chicago Transit Authority
“Listen” 3:22 Chicago Transit Authority
“Poem 58” 8:36 Chicago Transit Authority
“I’m a Man” 7:40 Chicago Transit Authority
“Make Me Smile” 4:35 Chicago (II) (1970)
“So Much to Say, So Much to Give” 1:02 Chicago (II)
“Anxiety’s Moment” 0:57 Chicago (II)
“West Virginia Fantasies” 1:33 Chicago (II)
“Colour My World” 3:00 Chicago (II)
“To Be Free” 1:31 Chicago (II)
“Now More Than Ever” 1:10 Chicago (II)
“Fancy Colours” 5:10 Chicago (II)
“25 or 6 to 4” 4:51 Chicago (II)
“Where Do We Go from Here” 2:50 Chicago (II)

“Flight 602” 2:45 Chicago III (1971)
“Free” 2:16 Chicago III
“What Else Can I Say” 3:13 Chicago III
“Mother” 4:28 Chicago III
“Lowdown” 3:35 Chicago III
“A Song for Richard and His Friends” 6:22 Chicago at Carnegie Hall (IV) (1971)
“A Hit by Var├Ęse” 4:51 Chicago V (1972)
“Saturday in the Park” 3:56 Chicago V
“Dialogue Part I” 2:57 Chicago V
“Dialogue Part II” 4:12 Chicago V
“Alma Mater” 3:52 Chicago V
“Feelin’ Stronger Every Day” 4:14 Chicago VI (1973)
“In Terms of Two” 3:30 Chicago VI
“Critics’ Choice” 2:49 Chicago VI
“Just You ‘n’ Me” 3:43 Chicago VI
“Something in This City Changes People” 3:42 Chicago VI

“Life Saver” 5:18 Chicago VII (1974)
“Happy Man” 3:31 Chicago VII
“(I’ve Been) Searchin’ So Long” 4:28 Chicago VII
“Skinny Boy” 5:12 Chicago VII
“Byblos” 6:16 Chicago VII
“Wishing You Were Here” 4:33 Chicago VII
“Call on Me” 4:01 Chicago VII
“Brand New Love Affair, Part I & II” 4:29 Chicago VIII (1975)
“Harry Truman” 3:01 Chicago VIII
“Old Days” 3:29 Chicago VIII
“You Are on My Mind” 3:21 Chicago X (1976)
“If You Leave Me Now” 3:54 Chicago X
“Together Again” 3:53 Chicago X
“Another Rainy Day in New York City” 3:01 Chicago X
“Hope for Love” 3:03 Chicago X

“Take Me Back to Chicago” 5:15 Chicago XI (1977)
“Mississippi Delta City Blues” 4:40 Chicago XI
“Baby, What a Big Surprise” 3:05 Chicago XI
“Prelude (Little One)” 0:52 Chicago XI
“Little One” 5:44 Chicago XI
“No Tell Lover” 4:13 Hot Streets (XII) (1978)
“Closer to You” 4:54 B-side of “Must Have Been Crazy”; recorded during the Hot Streets sessions
“Gone Long Gone” 3:59 Hot Streets (XII)
“Alive Again” 4:05 Hot Streets (XII)
“Must Have Been Crazy” 3:24 Chicago 13 (1979)
“Doin’ Business” 3:25 (1991); from the rehearsal sessions for Chicago XIV (1980)
“Song for You” 3:41 Chicago XIV
“Thunder and Lightning” 3:32 Chicago XIV
“The American Dream” 3:17 Chicago XIV
“Beginnings (Live edited version)” 3:41 Chicago at Carnegie Hall (IV)

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