Tuesday 9pm ET: Feature LP: Celine Dion – Courage (2019)

Courage is the twelfth English-language studio album by Canadian singer Celine Dion, released by Columbia Records on November 15, 2019. It is her first English album in six years after Loved Me Back to Life (2013). Dion worked on Courage with various writers and producers, including Sia, David Guetta, Greg Kurstin, Sam Smith, StarGate, Jimmy Napes, Lauv, LP, Jörgen Elofsson, Stephan Moccio, Eg White, Liz Rodrigues of The New Royales, and many more.

In June 2019, Dion ended her Las Vegas residency, Celine and released “Flying on My Own” as a gift to her fans. In September 2019, she embarked on the Courage World Tour and premiered three more new songs: “Imperfections”, “Lying Down” and “Courage”. The album, which includes sixteen songs and four additional tracks on the deluxe edition, received generally favorable reviews from music critics.

1. “Flying on My Own” 3:32
2. “Lovers Never Die” 2:51
3. “Falling in Love Again” 3:51
4. “Lying Down” 3:58
5. “Courage” 4:14
6. “Imperfections” 3:59
7. “Change My Mind” 3:01
8. “Say Yes” 3:32
9. “Nobody’s Watching” 3:12
10. “The Chase” 3:49
11. “For the Lover That I Lost” 2:54
12. “Baby” 3:34
13. “I Will Be Stronger” 3:27
14. “How Did You Get Here” 4:21
15. “Look at Us Now” 3:18
16. “Perfect Goodbye” 3:28
17. “Best of All” 3:23
18. “Heart of Glass” 3:31
19. “Boundaries” 3:22
20. “The Hard Way” 3:24

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