Thursday 10pm: Feature LP: Elton John – Peachtree Road (2004)

Peachtree Road is the twenty-seventh studio album by British singer-songwriter Elton John, released November 9, 2004. It was named after Peachtree Road, the northern part of Peachtree Street in Atlanta, where one of John’s four homes is located. This is the only album during his long career on which John has sole credit as producer, although on some previous projects he was listed as a co-producer, with Clive Franks (on A Single Man, 21 at 33 and parts of The Fox), or Greg Penny (on Duets and Made in England). It was recorded in January 2004.

“Weight of the World” – 3:58
“Porch Swing in Tupelo” – 4:38
“Answer in the Sky” – 4:03
“Turn the Lights Out When You Leave” – 5:02
“My Elusive Drug” – 4:12
“They Call Her the Cat” – 4:27
“Freaks in Love” – 4:32
“All That I’m Allowed” – 4:52
“I Stop and I Breathe” – 3:39
“Too Many Tears” – 4:14
“It’s Getting Dark in Here” – 3:50
“I Can’t Keep This from You” – 4:34
“The Letter” – 2:33
“Merry Christmas Maggie Thatcher” – 3:38
“Electricity” – 3:29

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