May 16
Singer Anna Vissi marries composer Nikos Karvelas.

The Motown 25 Special airs on NBC, celebrating a quarter century of Motown Records. Michael Jackson unveils his moonwalk dance move during a performance of “Billie Jean”.
May 28 – June 4 – The second US Festival is held at Glen Helen Park in California.
June 18–19 – Menudo’s second visit to New York. The band plays four shows at Madison Square Garden and all 80,000 tickets sell out within three days of going on sale.
June 20 – Catalunya Ràdio begins broadcasting.
July 1 – Chilean Band Los Prisioneros debuted at the Miguel Leon Prado High School Song festival. They would personify the rebellion of young Chileans leading to protests which eventually ousted Augusto Pinochet[3]
July 19 – Simon and Garfunkel begin their North American summer tour in Akron, Ohio.
July 21 – Diana Ross performs a filmed concert in Central Park in heavy rain; eventually the storm forces her to postpone the rest of the concert till next day.
July 29 – Friday Night Videos is broadcast for the first time on NBC.
August 5 – David Crosby is sentenced by a judge in Dallas, Texas to five years in prison on drug and weapon possession charges.
August 16
Johnny Ramone suffers a near-fatal head injury during a fight over a girl in front of his East Village apartment.
Singer Paul Simon marries actress Carrie Fisher.
August 20 – The Rolling Stones sign a new $28 million contract with CBS Records, the largest recording contract in history up to this time.
September – Bonnie Tyler releases the album Faster Than the Speed of Night in United States
September 1 – Joe Strummer and Paul Simonon of The Clash issue a press statement announcing Mick Jones has been fired from the group.
September 4 – Phil Lynott performs his final show with Thin Lizzy in Nuremberg, Germany.
September 18 – The members of Kiss show their faces without their makeup for the first time on MTV, simultaneous with the release of their album Lick It Up.
September 20 – The first ARMS Charity Concert is held at the Royal Albert Hall in London.
November 12 – Duran Duran start their SING BLUE SILVER World Tour. The tour begins with sold-out shows in Australia
November 26 – Quiet Riot’s Metal Health album tops the US album charts, the first heavy metal album to hit #1 in America.
December 2
The Uday-Ustav Festival, a tribute to Uday Shankar, is staged at the instigation of Uday’s younger brother, Ravi Shankar.
Michael Jackson’s 14-minute music video for Thriller is premiered on MTV.
Phish plays first show.[4]
December 25 – Marvin Gaye gives his father, as a Christmas present, an unlicensed Smith & Wesson .38 special caliber pistol so that Gaye could protect himself from intruders. A few months later, Gaye Sr would use it to shoot his son dead.
December 31 – The twelfth annual New Year’s Rockin’ Eve special airs on ABC, with appearances by Culture Club, Rick James, Laura Branigan, Barry Manilow, Mary Jane Girls and David Frizzell.


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