Thursday 8pm: Feature LP: Elton John – The Captain & The Kid (2006) @eltonofficial

The Captain & the Kid is the twenty-ninth studio album by British singer-songwriter Elton John, released in 2006. It is his second autobiographical album with lyricist Bernie Taupin, picking up where 1975’s Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy left off. The Captain & the Kid chronicles the events in their lives over those subsequent 30 years.

The Captain & the Kid reached No. 6 in the UK, a considerable improvement over the performance of John’s preceding Peachtree Road in 2004, which peaked at No. 21. It reached No. 18 in the US, before quickly falling off the charts. At concerts in early 2007, John made clear his dissatisfaction with Interscope’s promotion for the album, having threatened to terminate his contract with the label.

Click here for album contents from Wikipedia

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