Wednesday 10pm: Feature LP: Cherry Poppin’ Daddies – Zoot Suit Riot (1997)

Zoot Suit Riot: The Swingin’ Hits of the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies is a compilation album and fourth album overall by American ska-swing band the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, released on March 18, 1997 on Space Age Bachelor Pad Records. The album is a collection of all of the swing-styled songs culled from the Daddies’ first three ska punk-oriented albums, plus four bonus tracks recorded exclusively for this release.

After a successful independent release in early 1997, Zoot Suit Riot was re-issued and nationally distributed by major label subsidiary Mojo Records following the Daddies’ subsequent signing to the label. By early 1998, regular radio airplay of the album’s eponymous single helped propel Zoot Suit Riot to the top of Billboard’s Top Heatseekers, eventually becoming the first “new swing” album to enter the Billboard Top 40 and serving as the catalyst for the short-lived swing revival of the late 1990s. While both the Daddies’ and the swing revival’s mainstream popularity would wane by the end of 1998, at its peak, Zoot Suit Riot reached number 17 on the Billboard 200, selling over two million copies in the United States and achieving gold record sales in several other countries.

Click here for album contents from Wikipedia

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