Sunday 9am / 9pm: Vinyl Resting Place with Willie B

vrpsunday9amThe Vinyl Resting Place will have its last new show of 2016 – and we go out on a different note. Each year we put together a Christmas special – we’ve done “top of the charts” – “Christmas around the world” – “A Country Christmas” – “favorites from the history of recorded sound” – this year we shift gears. We’ll be broadcasting starting at 9am Sunday, as if it were 9PM December 24th. We’ll have celebrities offering their seasonal greetings, and will be linked to NORAD as they track a UFO that looks a lot like Santa!

The program will be available on-demand December 23.

You see Saturday, the 24, is a rare event – Not only is it Christmas Eve, but it is the first day of Hanukkah. So as you light your tree or the first candle of your menorah – replay our show! For two full hours we offer the music of Hanukkah – and not one minute of Adam Sandler (promise).

Then, starting at 11 we bring you a special treat. In each Christmas show we’ve included a couple of tracks from one of my favorites; “Snappy Holidays from the Sonic Underground (a Long Island based outfit that’s been elevating the musical consciousness of the area since 1995!) Well this year – we play the complete album – plus a bonus – One track that appears on the Snappy Holidays album – returned – 16 years later – this time as a duet, and we’ll be playing both versions; this Sunday on In our next (and final) update – we tell you a bit about that track, the ablum on which it made its comeback – and give you a sneak peak into the direction The Vinyl Resting Place will be taking in 2017 – as we start our 12th year on

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