Feature LP: Eric Clapton & Friends – The Breeze: An Appreciation of JJ Cale (2014) 9pm ET

The-Breeze-Eric-Clapton-and-FriendsThe Breeze: An Appreciation of JJ Cale is an album by Eric Clapton & Friends and it is dedicated to his former collaborator JJ Cale. It was named after his 1972 single “Call Me the Breeze”. It was produced by Clapton and Simon Climie.

1 Call Me the Breeze   Eric Clapton 3:07
2 Rock and Roll Records   Eric Clapton & Tom Petty 2:19
3 Someday   Mark Knopfler 3:48
4 Lies   Eric Clapton & John Mayer 3:07
5 Sensitive Kind   Don White 5:17
6 Cajun Moon   Eric Clapton 2:28
7 Magnolia   John Mayer 3:42
8 I Got the Same Old Blues   Tom Petty & Eric Clapton 3:03
9 Songbird   Willie Nelson & Eric Clapton 2:56
10 Since You Said Goodbye   Eric Clapton 3:01
11 I’ll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)   Don White & Eric Clapton 2:37
12 The Old Man and Me   Tom Petty 2:56
13 Train to Nowhere   Mark Knopfler, Don White & Eric Clapton 4:51
14 Starbound   Willie Nelson, & Derek Trucks 2:03
15 Don’t Wait   Eric Clapton & John Mayer 2:47
16 Crying Eyes   Eric Clapton, Christine Lakeland Cale & Derek Trucks 3:31

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