Artist Countdown: Cowsills Top 30 Hits 6p ET

cowsills16The Cowsills is an American singing group from Newport, Rhode Island. They specialized in harmonies and the ability to sing and play music at an early age. The band was formed in the spring of 1965 by brothers Bill, Bob, and Barry; they shortly thereafter added John. Originally Bill and Bob played guitar and Barry was on drums. When John learned how to play drums and joined the band, Barry went to bass. After their initial success, the brothers were joined by their siblings Susan and Paul and their mother Barbara. Bob’s twin brother Richard was the road manager. When the group expanded to its full family membership by 1967, the six siblings ranged in age from 8 to 19. Joined by their mother Barbara (née Russell), the Cowsills were the inspiration for the 1970 launch of the television show The Partridge Family.

Barry CowsillBarry Cowsill (September 14, 1954 – August 29, 2005) Cowsill was living in New Orleans when the city was hit by Hurricane Katrina. He left a very distraught message on sister Susan’s voice mail and was never heard from again. There was a search for him that ended tragically, as his body was found in late December washed ashore on the Mississippi near the Chartres Street wharf, near the home he and his family lived in for some years in Fauborg Marigny, just outside of the French Quarter. His body was subsequently identified by comparison to dental records, and the death was ruled a drowning as a result of the Federal Flood following Hurricane Katrina.

bill-cowsillWilliam “Bill” Joseph Cowsill, Jr., also known as Billy, (January 9, 1948 – February 18, 2006)  Cowsill died on February 18, 2006, aged 58, at his home in Calgary, Alberta. He had been in poor health for the last few years of his life, suffering from emphysema, Cushing syndrome and osteoporosis.  Family members learned of his death while holding a memorial service the same day for his brother and bandmate Barry, a victim of the August 2005 Hurricane Katrina, whose body had not been found and identified until January 2006.

John CowsillJohn Cowsill (born March 2, 1956 in Newport, Rhode Island) is an American musician, best known for his work as a singer and drummer with his siblings’ band, The Cowsills. He is currently a drummer and vocalist for the current The Beach Boys touring band, which features original Beach Boys Mike Love and Bruce Johnston. He has also played keyboards for the “Beach Boys Band”, and according to the band’s website, he does Al Jardine’s and the late Carl Wilson’s vocal parts. He also has performed and recorded with Jan and Dean.

Susan CowsillSusan Claire Cowsill (born May 20, 1959; Canton, Ohio) is a musician, vocalist and songwriter. She is the youngest member of The Cowsills and the only daughter of parents Bud and Barbara Cowsill.

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1 The Rain, The Park & Other Things
2 Hair
3 Indian Lake
4 We Can Fly
5 Poor Baby
6 Love American Style
7 In Need Of A Friend
8 Silver Threads And Golden Needles
9 The Prophecy Of Daniel And John The Divine
10 All I Really Want To Be Is Me
11 On My Side
12 Most Of All
13 A Time For Remembrance
14 Siamese Cat
15 And The Next Day Too
16 Path Of Love
17 Party Girl
18 What’s It Gonna Be Like
19 Mister Flynn
20 Newspaper Blanket
21 Meet Me At The Wishing Well
22 Captain Sad and his Ship of Fools
23 Candy Kid
24 Gotta Get Away From It All
25 You (In My Mind)
26 The Milk Song
27 Gray, Sunny Day
28 The Fun Song
29 All My Days
30 Nothing To Do