Feature LP: Toby Keith – Drinks After Work (2013) 8:10pm ET

October 31, 2013
Editor In Chief

DrinksAfterWorkAlbumDrinks After Work is the seventeenth studio album by American country music artist Toby Keith. It was released on October 29, 2013, by Show Dog-Universal Music.  Keith wrote or co-wrote nine of the album’s new tracks. A deluxe edition was also released with three bonus tracks.

The album is likely to sell 35,000 copies in the U.S. in its first week of release. (Sourse: Wikipedia)

1. “Shut Up and Hold On”   Toby KeithBobby Pinson 2:55
2. Drinks After Work”   Luke Laird, Barry DeanNatalie Hemby 3:32
3. “Before We Knew They Were Good”   Keith, Pinson, Rivers Rutherford 2:56
4. “Little Miss Tear Stain”   Keith, Scotty Emerick 3:02
5. “The Other Side of Him”   Keith, Pinson 4:01
6. “Last Living Cowboy”   Keith, Emerick 2:54
7. “Show Me What You’re Workin’ With”   Keith, Rutherford 3:14
8. “Whole Lot More Than That”   Keith, Pinson 2:38
9. “I’ll Probably Be Out Fishin'”   Keith, Emerick 3:08
10. “Hard Way to Make an Easy Living”   Keith, Pinson 4:03
Deluxe Edition Tracks
11. “Call a Marine”   Keith, Pinson 3:16
12. “Chuckie’s Gone”   Keith 3:07
13. Margaritaville” (with Sammy Hagar) Jimmy Buffett 4:55


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