Feature Year: 2004 6pm ET

On this edition we spotlight 2004.  You’ll notice that there are no listings of births this year.  There were no celebrity births in music yet to spotlight . . .   

March 5 – Priscilla Paris, American singer (b. 1953) Died
March 7 – Paul Winfield, American actor (b. 1941) Died
April 29 – The last Oldsmobile rolls off of the assembly line.
May 6 – The series finale of Friends airs on NBC.
May 24 – North Korea bans mobile phones
June 5 – Ronald Reagan, American politician and actor, 40th President of the United States (b. 1911) Died
June 10 – Ray Charles, American singer and musician (b. 1930) Died
July 6 – Syreeta Wright,American singer,songwriter (b.1946) Died
July 9 – Isabel Sanford, American actress (b. 1917) Died
July 21 – Jerry Goldsmith, American composer (b. 1929) Died
August 6 – Rick James, American musician (b. 1948) Died
August 12 – New Jersey Governor James McGreevey announces that he is “a gay American” and will resign effective November 15, 2004.
August 13 – Julia Child, American chef (b. 1912) Died
August 18 – Elmer Bernstein, American composer (b. 1922) Died
August 26 – Laura Branigan, American singer (b. 1957) Died
September 15 – Johnny Ramone, American guitarist (The Ramones) (b. 1948) Died
September 24 – Major League Baseball announces that the Montreal Expos will move to Washington D.C. in 2005.
October 5 – Rodney Dangerfield, American comedian and actor (b. 1921) Died
October 10 – Christopher Reeve, American actor and activist (b. 1952) Died
November 1 – Mac Dre, American rapper (b. 1970) Died
November 7 – Howard Keel, American singer and actor (b. 1919) Died
November 13 – Ol’ Dirty Bastard, American rapper (b. 1968) Died
December 7 – Frederick Fennell, American conductor (b. 1914) Died
December 8 – Dimebag Darrell, American guitarist (b. 1966) Died
December 26 – One of the worst natural disasters in recorded history hits Southeast Asia, when the strongest earthquake in 40 years hits the entire Indian Ocean region. The massive 9.3 magnitude earthquake, epicentered just off the west coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra, generates enormous tsunami waves that crash into the coastal areas of a number of nations including Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Malaysia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and Indonesia. The official death toll in the affected countries stands at 186,983 while more than 40,000 people are still missing.
December 27 – Hank Garland, American guitarist (b. 1930) Died
December 30 – Artie Shaw, American musician (b. 1910) Died

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