Feature Year: 1989 6pm ET

Today on Feature Year – 1989 Hits and Tunes!

January 6 – James Durbin (singer), American Idol contestant
January 10 – Donald Voorhees, American composer and musician (b. 1903) Died
January 11 – President of the United States Ronald Reagan delivers his farewell address to the nation.
January 22 – Jared Smith, American singer
January 24 – Serial killer Ted Bundy is executed in Florida’s electric chair.
January 30 – Khleo Thomas, American actor and rapper
February 14 – Vincent Crane, British musician (Atomic Rooster) (b. 1943) Died
February 26 – Roy Eldridge, American musician (b. 1911) Died
February 27 – Kelly Breeding, American singer
February 27 – Stefano Langone, American singer
March 14 – Colby O’Donis, American singer
March 22 – Karen Rodriguez, American singer
April 26 – Lucille Ball, American entertainer (b. 1911) Died
May 5 – Chris Brown, American singer and actor
May 9 – Keith Whitley, American singer (b. 1955) Died
May 15 – Johnny Green, American songwriter (b. 1908) Died
June 13 – Lisa Tucker, American singer, musical theater and television actress
June 14 – Lucy Hale, American actress and singer
June 17 – Simone Battle, American actress and singer
June 18 – Renee Olstead, American actress and singer
July 2 – Devin Tailes, American singer
July 18 – Actress Rebecca Schaeffer is murdered by an obsessed fan, leading to stricter stalking laws in California.
August 15 – Joe Jonas, American musician actor and singer
August 16–August 17 – Woodstock ’89 festival.
August 19 – Romeo, American rapper and actor
September 5 – U.S. President George H. W. Bush holds up a bag of cocaine purchased across the street at Lafayette Park, in his first televised speech to the nation.
September 8 – Avicii, Swedish DJ, remixer, and record producer
September 8 – Barry Sadler, American author and musician (b. 1940) Died
September 21 – Jason Derulo, American singer-songwriter. actor
September 22 – Irving Berlin, American composer (b. 1888) Died
September 30 – Virgil Thomson, American composer (b. 1896) Died
November 24 – Jordan Witzigreuter, American singer/songwriter (The Ready Set)
December 11 – Lindsay Crosby, American singer and actor (b. 1938) Died
December 13 – Taylor Swift, American singer
December 22 – Jordin Sparks, American singer

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