Feature Year:1974 9:05pm ET

February 13 – Robbie Williams, English rock singer (Take That)
February 22 – James Blunt, English singer
March 4 – People magazine’s first issue released. Mia Farrow is on the cover.
April 4 – Hank Aaron ties Babe Ruth for the all-time home run record with his 714th at Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati.
April 17 – Victoria Beckham, English singer (Spice Girls)
April 22 – Shavo Odadjian, Armenian-born rock bassist (System of a Down)
April 24 – Stephen King publishes Carrie, his first novel under his own name.
April 14 – Bud Abbott, American actor (Abbott and Costello) (b. 1895) Died
April 30 – Agnes Moorehead, American actress (b. 1900) Died
May 23 – Jewel, American singer
May 24 – Duke Ellington, American jazz pianist and bandleader (b. 1899) Died
May 30 – Big L, American rapper (d. 1999)
May 30 – Cee Lo Green, American singer
June 1 – Alanis Morissette, Canadian singer
July 21 – Terry Coldwell, English singer (East 17)
August 8 – Brian Harvey, English singer (East 17)
August 9 – Vice President Gerald Rudolph Ford succeeds Richard Milhous Nixon as the 38th President of the United States of America.
September 3 – Harry Partch, American composer (b. 1901) Died
September 4 – Carmit Bachar, American singer
September 12 – Jennifer Nettles, American country music artist (Sugarland)
September 18 – Xzibit, American rapper
October 1 – Keith Duffy, Irish singer (Boyzone)
October 13 – Ed Sullivan, American television host (b. 1901) Died
October 30 – The Rumble in the Jungle takes place in Kinshasa, Zaire, where Muhammad Ali knocks out George Foreman in 8 rounds to regain the Heavyweight title, which had been stripped from him 7 years earlier.
November 2 – Nelly, American rapper
November 5 – Ryan Adams, American singer and songwriter
November 15 – Chad Kroeger, Canadian singer
December 7 – Nicole Appleton, Canadian singer (All Saints)
December 10 – Meg White, American rock drummer (The White Stripes)
December 13 – Nicholas McCarthy, English guitarist
December 26 – Jack Benny, American comedian (b. 1894) Died

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