Feature Year: 1975 6pm ET

On this installment of Feature Year: 1975.

January 19 – Thomas Hart Benton, American artist (b. 1889) Died
January 24 – Jazz pianist Keith Jarrett plays the solo improvisation ‘The Köln Concert‘ at the Cologne Opera, which, recorded live, becomes the best-selling piano recording in history.
February 4 – Louis Jordan, American musician (b. 1908) Died
February 20 – Brian Littrell, American pop singer (Backstreet Boys)
February 21 – Mark Ross, American Rock Singer and Entrepreneur
February 23 – In response to the energy crisis, daylight saving time commences nearly 2 months early in the United States.
March 12 – Kelle Bryan, English singer (Eternal)
March 15 – will.i.am, American rapper and singer (Black Eyed Peas)
March 25 – Melanie Blatt, English singer (All Saints)
March 27 – Stacy Ferguson (Fergie), American pop/R&B singer/rapper of the Black Eyed Peas and actress
April 30 – Vietnam War: The Fall of Saigon: The Vietnam War ends as Communist forces from North Vietnam take Saigon, resulting in mass evacuations of Americans and South Vietnamese. As the capital is taken, South Vietnam surrenders unconditionally.
May 8 – Enrique Iglesias, American singer
May 15 – Peter Iwers, Swedish rock bassist (In Flames)
May 18 – Jack Johnson, American singer-songwriter
May 18 – Leroy Anderson, American composer (b. 1908) Died
May 25 – Lauryn Hill, American singer
May 27 – Andre 3000, American rapper, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer and actor
May 29 – Melanie Brown, British singer (Spice Girls)
June 23 – KT Tunstall, Scottish singer-songwriter
June 29 – Tim Buckley, American singer/songwriter (b. 1947) Died
July 6 – Curtis Jackson, American rapper (50 Cent)
July 9 – Jack White, American rock and blues musician
July 19 – Lefty Frizzell, American singer (b. 1928) Died
July 30 – In Detroit, Michigan, former Teamsters Union president Jimmy Hoffa is reported missing.
August 5 – U.S. President Ford posthumously pardons Robert E. Lee, restoring full rights of citizenship.
August 5 – Eicca Toppinen, Finnish cellist (Apocalyptica)
September 3 – Jennifer Paige, American singer
September 3 – Redfoo, American disc jockey, LMFAO
September 9 – Michael Bublé, Canadian musician
September 10 – R. Luke DuBois, American composer and artist
September 11 – Brad Fischetti, American musician
September 17 – Constantine Maroulis, American singer
September 22 – U.S. President Gerald Ford survives a second assassination attempt, this time by Sara Jane Moore in San Francisco.
October 1 – Thrilla in Manila: Muhammad Ali defeats Joe Frazier in a boxing match in Manila, Philippines.
October 11 – NBC airs the first episode of Saturday Night Live (George Carlin is the first host; Billy Preston and Janis Ian the first musical guests).
October 14 – Shaznay Lewis, English singer (All Saints)
October 15 – Ginuwine, American singer
November 5 – Jamie Spaniolo (Jamie Madrox), American rapper
November 14 – Faye Tozer, English singer (Steps)
December 11 – Lee Wiley, American jazz singer (b. 1908) Died
December 13 – Tom DeLonge, American guitarist and vocalist
December 17 – Noble Sissle, American jazz composer (b. 1889) Died
December 24 – Bernard Herrmann, American film composer (b. 1911) Died
December 25 – Iron Maiden is formed by Steve Harris.

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