Global Dancefloor With Jules Little 11pm ET

Global Dancefloor is one of the worlds most listened to dance music radio shows. Currently broadcast across 71 different stations around the world championing the genres of Funky House & Disco House. The show is presented and produced by Jules Little a renowned DJ with many years experience playing to audiences from small local bars up to festival crowds of over 12,000 people.

The aim of the show is entertainment above education, promoting music with a hook, vocals, basslines, strings, a tune rather than a monotonous beat with odd bleep.  Music with a happy face.

The show is not elitist, whilst garnering guest mixes from some of the biggest names in music, Todd Terry, Boy George, Seamus Haji, Triple Dee just to name a few, it also champions new talent, accepting & airing tracks & mixes from unknown producers & bedroom mixers.

Stu Richie fills in for Jules this week.

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